About Us


To provide services to the whole drilling sector by using advanced technology and providing productive and innovative solutions according to the demands of the companies.


Providing new opportunities to the companies operating in the drilling sector, providing solutions with professional and advanced technology services in all matters, providing all necessary materials and field service if necessary.

Objectives and Principles

Our goal is to offer our customers all the experience, experience and technology we have with the philosophy of "Trouble-free and Reliable Service"

Our Prince is working with well-trained and well-trained staff in the fields to prioritize quality in business management and to complete our commitment in a timely and superior manner.

We intend to continue to be in dialogue with all our people and organizations today and in the future, without sacrificing quality in our initial goal, customer satisfaction as a principle, customer satisfaction. We believe that we will embrace our successes in the future processes by combining these goals with our management principles.

All employees of our organization act with the awareness of HSE responsibilities and are obliged to participate in practices, while continuously improving the safety of the business environment and the environment so that the goals can be achieved. As İlbe Mineral, the following statements, which define our HSE policy, are our commitment

1. We will work in accordance with the legal, other regulations and customer conditions in the environment, occupational health and safety. Reviews
2. Preventing or reducing the dangerous source by taking precautions directed at living and working conditions; if not, we will work on collective or personal protection methods and prevention of environmental and occupational accidents before they occur.
3. We will keep important environmental dimensions and risks under control by constantly monitoring the ECO management system.
4. We will ensure that waste is reduced at the source of waste, recycled and recycled wherever possible, and waste can be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
5.We will undertake the training and awareness-raising activities necessary for all employees to adopt the ICE consciousness, to ensure the participation of our employees and to increase their awareness.