caustic soda---sodium hydroxide (NaOH)---pH and alkalinity Control
POTAS caustic - - - potassium hydroxide - - - - k+ source and alkalinity control
Citric acid---citric acid ( C6H8O7)---pH and CA++ control
Soda ash---sodium carbonate ( Na2CO3)---CA++ remoANDr
Sodium bicarbonate---sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)---CA++ eliminator
Lime---calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)--- - CA++ source and alkalinity control
Gypsum---calcium sulphate---CA++ source and alkalinity control
X - - - - Mineral alkaline powder - - - - temperature balance alkalinity control

bentonite (TS 13500)----untreated bentonite-- - Viscosity constructiAND & water loss reducer
30---processed bentonite by HDD - - - Viscosity Builder & water loss reducer
PAC – HV---Polyanionic Cellulose-Viscosity ConstructiAND & water loss Reducer
Ultrapac---Pure Polyanionic cellulose)---Viscosity constructiAND & water loss reducer
XCD polymer- - - Xantan gum - - - Viscosity maker
VISCORE XT---synthetic Polymer---Viscosity Builder&rheology regulator
Guar gum- - - organic Polymer - - - Viscosity Maker&rheology editor

AVALIG ne---Humalite added thinners---high temperature resistant Deflocultant
POLYFLUID---synthetic thinner---Deflocultant for high temperature
REODISP 303---water based thinner---Deflocultant for high temperature
REODISP FL---water based thinker---Deflocultant for low temperature

Barit---barium sulphate BaSO4 (F,Granular)--- - aggravating
Calcium carbonate---CaCO3 (F,M,C)--- - aggravating
Calcium chloride---CaCI2---Aggravating

CMC lv--Carboxymethyl cellulose---water loss reduction
PAC-lv - - - Polyanionic cellulose low viscosity - - - water loss reducer
PAC – HV----Polyionic cellulose high viscosity---Viscosity constructiAND & water loss reducer
Calcium chloride---Polyionic cellulose high viscosity---Viscosity constructiAND & water loss reducer
Dorasol L- - - synthetic Polymer - - - Viscosity Builder & water loss reducer
Modified starch - - - fermented modified starch - - - water loss reduction
Black lig - - - - Gilsonite - - - high temperature water loss reduction
Bore lig - - - Sulfone Asphalt - - - - high temperature water loss reduction

SHL 209——-Polyacrylate Glycol (Medium Clouding Graduated)——-Shale Stabilization
SHL 210——-Polyacrylate Glycol (High Clouding Graduated)——-Shale Stabilization
VISCORE DRILL——-Polyacrylate Polymer Floor——-Shale Stabilization&Viskozite ConstructiAND
VISCORE SD——-Polyacrtylate Polymer Liquid——-Shale Stabilization&Viskozite ConstructiAND
VISCORE SL——-Polyacrylate Polymer Low Molecular Weight——-Shale Stabilization
BITUM LIG——-Resinous Linyits——-High Temperature Water Loss &Shale Stabilization

Calcium Chloride——-CaCI2——-Density Control
POTASSIUM CARBONATE-K2CO3——-Density Control & Shale Stabilization
POTASSIUM CHLORIDE--KCI——-Density Control & Shale Stabilization
SODYUM CHLORIDE——-NaCI——-Density Control

LCM 70——-Mineral Lif——-Gradually LEAKAGE PREANDNTIAND
MİKA --- Mika (K, M, C) --- LCM

EASY CORE——-Vegetable Base Lubricator——-Lubricator
ECOLUBE HT——-Vegetable Base Lubricator——-High Temperature Lubricator
SPEEDRILL——-Synthetic Lubricator——-Lubricator & anti ball
GRAFX——-Modified Substitued Graphite——-Lubricator
Grease GX——-Synthetic Lubricator——-Pipe Teeth Lubricator
Grease GXHT——-Mineral Lubricator——-High Temperature Pipe Teeth Lubricator

BiOSAN EF——-Aldehit Base Biosides——-Bacterium Reproductive Control
BiOSAN TX——-Triazine Base Biosides——-Bacterium Reproductive Control

CORIN W – 408——-Amin Base Liquid——-CORROSİON Inhibitor
CORIN W-405 --- Amine Base Liquid --- Salt Welding for CORROSION
PAG 220 --- Metal Base Liquid --- H2S Conservative
ZINC CARBONATE --- ZnCO3 --- H2S Conservative
OXYSC W --- Ammonium Base Liquid --- Oxygen Conservative

ALUMINUM STERAT --- Aluminum Sterate --- Anti-Foaming Metal Soap
DEFOAMER XP --- Oil Base Foam Remover --- Anti-Foam Remover
DEFOAMER SP --- Silicone Base Foam Remover --- Foam Remover

VISFOAM --- Anionic Blend --- Foam Maker

ACC 100 --- Sodium Silicate --- Accelerating Accelerator
DEFOAMER CP --- Synthetic Chlorine Resin --- Foam Cutter
REODISP CEM --- Inorganic Mixture --- Thinner Friction Reducer
FL II --- Chlorine-free Synthetic Mixture --- Water Loss Reducer
RETARD II --- Inorganic Mixture --- Set-up Retarder
CALCIUM CHLORINE --- CaCI2 --- Acceleration Accelerator

SPOT W --- Heavyweight Liquid --- Jammed Team Rescue
SPOT SN --- Non-flammable spot Liquids --- Recovering Jammed Team

FOAM & ACTIVATOR STICK --- SURFACE Active layer --- Borehole Animation

Sludge test bag --- Marsh Funnel viscosity, Sludge sand percentage, sludge weight, water hardness AND pH measurement
Filter Press --- Water loss, mud cake thickness
Viscometer --- Viscosity readings 600, 300,200,100,60,30,6,
Mud Balance --- Sludge weight
Pressurized Sludge Balance --- Lightweight sludge weight determination
Sludge Test Chemicals --- Determination of Strict, pH, Chlorine, pF, MF
Retord Kit --- Determination of percent solids and water content in sludge
Methylene Blue Kit - Methylene blue test to determine the amount of clay in the sludge